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Naam: Sion Widmer
Woonplaats: Amsterdam
Leeftijd: 24 years old

Wanneer heb je de opleiding gevolgd?:
“March until June 2015”

Waarom ben cq. wou je make-up gaan studeren?:
“Well my mother is a beautician, so I always have known the power of make-up. I have been very intrigued by my mother’s lipstick. She used to give me a kiss on my hand, so I could look at the beautiful color as long as I wanted. It made me love make-up in a way that I don’t want to cover people up, but enhance the beauty that is already there and make my visions come true. I only had to know how.”

Waarom de House of Orange make-up school?:
“A friend of my boyfriend told me about House of Orange. After having seen the website I wasn’t sure to be good enough for it. It seemed so gorgeous and mesmerizing that I had to dare! So it came that I tried my luck and I could not have been happier to be accepted.”

Denk je nu nog vaak terug aan de opleiding cq. John Kattenberg?:
“Every time I draw an eyebrow YES! He is the heart and the soul of House and Orange. I am very influenced by the way he is looking at / for beauty.”

Is iets je specifiek bijgebleven?:
“The visit to Vogue Netherlands was everything! Especially meeting Karin Swerink and having her telling us her thoughts on our work was incredible.”

Zou je de school aanraden aan een toekomstige student(e)?:
“Yes, for a very specific reason. No where else are students thought what true creative freedom means. To start understanding yourself and discovering your own unique way of applying make up and what it means to you. Of course we need the base, where would we be without knowing the benefit of a perfect matt foundation. In this process I have discovered that there is so much in me that I want to share, the journey is ongoing and it surely will for a long time.
However it did start with and at House of Orange make-up school.”

Wat ben je na de opleiding gaan doen?:
“I am currently working half the time as a hairdresser and the other half for my own company: Planning and Execution of Creative Projects. It sounds fancy and I love it! But I can assure other students, it is a long and hard journey.”

Wat is je make-up droom?:
“To publish my own book full of my own concepts. I believe it to be very intimate, to share my ideas with others, they are a part of me and how I truly am. To see this in form of a book, so I could hold it, would be everything I ever wanted.”

Heb je tips voor toekomstige studenten / make-up artiesten?:
“You know the greatest thing is passion, without it what have you got? I mean if you love someone you can love them as much as you can love them but if it isn’t a passion, it isn’t burning, it isn’t on fire, you haven’t lived.” – Diana Vreeland

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