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About the beginning of a career

“I was always interested in makeup. But, to be honest, in my youth, when I lived in the Netherlands, I didn’t really understand how to use cosmetics. Then all the beauty tricks from glossy magazines were designed for European girls, they did not suit me, a Chinese woman by birth. But I remember that I always liked how a couple of tools can change a person’s appearance. And I always hoped that someday I could do the makeup myself.

At first, I studied at a design school, although I wanted to do exactly that makeup. I just did not quite understand how to get into the world of makeup artists. That was until I read an article in a magazine about the makeup school of John Kattenberg in Amsterdam. I went there – since then, I have been doing this all the time for 15 years. And just recently I moved to New York – I love this city beyond the sea of ​​the opportunities it gives. ”

From: https://www.vogue.ru/beauty/news/vizazhistka_chiaolihsu_i_ee_makiyazhnye_illyustracii/